Chorés 2021-2022






15 septembre

Wayfaring stranger

Don't really matter

Lay Low

Side by Side

Corn don't grow

22 septembre

Geoge Strait

Don't really matter (Rev)

(Every) Cotton picking morning

Lay Low (rev)

Would you go with me

I got this too

29 septembre

Something in the water

George Strait (rev)

I'm a tornado

(Every) Cotton picking morning (rev)

Lay Low (rev)

Love her for a while

Would you go with me (rev)

I got this too (rev)

6 octobre Révisions Révisions Révisions
13 octobre

Some beach

Pure and simple

Roll in the hay Another crazy year
20 octobre Lilly Rose

Stop staring at my eyes

Broken hearted

See Ya Cecilia
10 novembre Cheyenne's rock

Amarillo by morning


The bull


Call me the breeze

17 novembre Angels and alcohol

Champagne promise

Disappearing tail lights

Bound ta git down

Nothing but you

24 novembre George Strait Roll in the hay Honky Tonk Floor
1er decembre Clear Isabel

Land of the brave

Wave on wave

Caught in the act
5 janvier Special delivery Dreams of Martina Old Beach Roller Coaster
12 janvier Coffee days and whiskey nights Gypsy Queen Wintergreen
19 janvier Bonaparte's retreat Gone West Little Less broken
26 janvier   Amazing grace The Gambler
13 avril Black Tequila Sheila Summer Sands Going going gone
20 avril Famous Friends Mama's Sunshine Daddy's Rain  
11 mai Famous Friends Mama's Sunshine Daddy's Rain Raised like that
18 mai Another country Come as you are Going going gone
25 mai Last dance for me Mexi Fest Messed Up in Memphis
8 juin Country boy lovin' Song about Home Til you can't


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